About US


Our Inspectors are Educated, Trained, Certified and Experienced with 1000's of completed Inspections. ASHI & BOCA Certified Inspectors. Also, we require a Michigan Residential Builders license.

Our Inspections

Our Inspection Program is unique, we're inspecting 1200-1400+ items, systems, method and conditions. A typical inspection will take 2-3 hours, your attendance is strongly encouraged.  Inspection Report is issued immediately.

We'll be addressing Repairs, Costs and some Maintenance. 

Energy Survey: Free

We also provide with our home inspections "Our Energy Survey", FREE!

We do not provide Home Energy Audits. However, there are a number of basic conditions to know that can save you $1000's in energy costs. A $40 Value.

 FREE is well worth it.



1. Residential: Homes, Condos, Apartment Buildings,  Manufactured (mobile Homes), and Construction.

2. Commercial Inspections: Retail, Office, Lt Indust-warehouse.

3. HUD HQS Inspections, FHA & VA and Mortgage Certifications

4. Owner's Maintenance Inspections; gives you a good understanding of the condition of your home-building.

5. Seller's Inspections. 6. Limited, Partial Inspections

7. Basement dampness-seepage Inspections; before calling a waterproof company with their free inspection.